1974 Triumph Spitfire B/W Brochure (UK)

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Front Page Front page of 1974 brochure. First year in which Triumph Spitfire 1500 was available outside the US. (117.5 KB)
Page 2 - Engine Page 2 - "The Spitfire gives you more urge URGE for living..." - whatever that means. Picture and description of engine and its virtues. (133.6 KB)
Page 3 - Interior and exterior Page 3 - interior and exterior. Pictures and description of "safe and snug cockpit". Car in pictures equipped with overdrive, but no cigarette lighter. (115.5 KB)
Page 4 - tech specs Page 4 - "Brief specification". Optional extras: Hard top, laminated windscreen, Laycock 'J' type overdrive. (66.5 KB)