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Spitfire Club Nederland The rather professional site of the Dutch Spitfire club - of course I'm a member
Club Triumph Holland - The Dutch general Triumph club
A list of most other European clubs
Triumph Sports Six Club (Manchester region) - website by Stephen Smith, happy owner of another ultra-rare Java Green Spitfire.


Nico Baas Triumph Centre - the largest Triumph specialist of the Netherlands.
Rimmer bros. - large British supplier of Triumph spare parts. Great online Spitfire catalogue.
The Spitfire Graveyard in Sheffield, UK.
BCCP Fuelsystems - do expensive but good work on carbs
Hofman Cabrio's - importer of various classic and sporty cars. Has a vast selection, but much too expensive in my view. I only buy nuts and bolts here.

Various useful sites

The international Triumph Spitfire database - exciting project by Joe curry
The Vintage Triumph Register American site with lots of useful information
Team Net this is where you can subscribe to the busy 'Spitfires' and 'Triumphs' mailing lists.
Scions of Lucas (SOL) Home Page
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Online Price Guide
SpitFAQs - some excellent Tips for the Care and Feeding of Your Triumph Spitfire
Care for Your Convertible Top - how to lower and raise the top, something many first time Spitfire owners do wrong
Classic Motor Monthly

Personal sites I like

Triumph Spitfire 1500 Pages by Graham Armfield - with particularly clever Javascript pages for picking your favourite colour.
Ashley Meson's 1975 Spitfire 1500
Jeff McNeal's 1967 Mk3 Spit - nice site, not dissimilar to mine. Jeff tells an entertaining and familiar story...
Geoff Wright's 1974 Spitfire MkIV - young Brit bravely restoring a mimosa yellow specimen
John Hobson's Spitfire 1500 site - another familiar story from a young Brit, who is clearly a welcome customer of the Spitfire Graveyard.