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21 July 2002 Added a question about valuation and local links to the FAQ pages.
20 July 2002 Added spambot fodder to some of the most popular pages on this site. Invisible to human visitors, but will hopefully get picked up by spam harvesting webspiders.
25 March 2002 Did some updates on the Spitfire history page - mainly cosmetics.
14 March 2002 Added 'Privacy and security statement' to the mailform page. Some more changes to the FAQ. All easily spammable e-mail addresses now removed. The antispam-battle continues....
1 February 2002 Some small updates to the FAQ
24 December 2001 Added the 1962 Spitfire 4 and 1973 Spitfire MkIV brochures.
5 october 2001 Added a link to the new Official Spitfire Graveyard website on my own Spitfire Graveyard page
12 September 2001 Updated Spitfire History Page with some info on the name 'Spitfire'.
29 August 2001 Filled 'prices' table on buyersguide with Euro's instead of Guilders.
8 August 2001 Spitfire history page live for the first time.
26 june 2001 Made various alterations to main page, crash page and FAQ
22 June 2001 Got fed up with all the unreadable HTML in my mailbox (why can't people learn how to drive their mail clients?) and changed the e-mail page to an e-mail form.
Made all the brochure .jpg's open in a new browser window.
Removed all links to the root page of my webspace.
27 January 2001 Added a German language 1977 brochure to the Sales literature pages. Thanks to Michael Walk for providing the scans.
18 January 2001 Added information on VIN's (Vehicle Identification Numbers) to the identification page.
27 September 2000 Gave the spark plugs page its own counter, as I suspect many visitors to the main page enter through the silly little plugs page.
26 September 2000 Added links to large pics to My Spitfire and did lots of very minor alterations to all other pages
20 August 2000 Added some URL's to the Spitlinks page
15 August 2000 Added two of Jacob's pictures to the Spitfire Graveyard page.
14 August 2000 Rectified small error in link to 1974 Dutch sales brochure on the brochures page. Thanks to Jacob for pointing this out to me.
13 August 2000 Major update of sales brochures page. Added a 1967 Mk3 brochure in Dutch and another 1974 brochure, also in Dutch.
16 July 2000 Rectified minor problem of overlapping text and pictures on the Spitfire Graveyard page.
16 June 2000 Added the Spitfire Graveyard page.
26 May 2000 Added some nice pictures of my own Spitfire to the page about my own Spitfire.
12 May 2000 Major rebuild of complete site. Many pages split for better navigation, fancy graphics added to give the impression of rounded corners. Separate page about my own Spitfire added.
21 March 2000 Added several links to other owner's pages to the Spitlinks page.
19 March 2000 Finally finished the buyers guide and identification page.
3 February 2000 Added the page about repairing accident damage on my own Spitfire.
22 October 1999 Added page with Flemish MkIV sales brochure.
18 October 1999 Added 1975 UK and 1978 NL sales brochures.
11 May 1999 Added 1980 UK colour sales brochure, the see-thru Spitfire and the spark plugs page.
4 May 1999 Added a page with 1974 UK sales brochure
22 February 1999 First publication on a single webpage, with short story about my own Spit, how and why I bought it and the pros and cons of Spitfire ownership.